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Do you require legal assistance in the field of family law? The family law department of the Decker, Pex, Levi law firm is at your disposal at any time. Call now to schedule an appointment at our office in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or a consultation via Zoom.

Family law deals with particularly sensitive issues concerning our daily lives and includes rights and obligations regarding divorce, marriage, parentage, genealogy and more. This legally complex field requires the help of experts who are deeply familiar with both Israeli laws and court rulings that change frequently. But no less important is the personal sensitivity to complex family situations of the lawyers handling the case, as well as extensive experience in drafting agreements and resolving conflicts.

Anat Levi, lawyer specializing in family matters

The director of the family law department in our office is lawyer Anat Levi, who specializes in the field and is certified as a mediator. In addition, Adv. Levy is one of the select Israeli lawyers who has permission from the Guardian General to draw up a continuing power of attorney agreement. Adv. Levi has a bachelor’s degree in law in the executive track from Netanya College and a master’s degree in law in the executive track from Bar-Ilan University. In her work, attorney Anat Levi is engaged in drafting agreements in the family field, such as a divorce agreement, a financial agreement, a cohabitation agreement and a parenting agreement. She also specializes in resolving family disputes as well as accompanying her clients in the legal courts if necessary.

Drafting of agreements in the field of family law

Whether it is an agreement drawn up as a substitute for a lawsuit, such as a divorce agreement, or an agreement that guarantees the rights of a family member, such as a continuing power of attorney, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a lawyer well versed in the field. A family law attorney can make sure that all parties understand the essence of the signed agreement and accept it wholeheartedly, as well as make sure that there are no unclear clauses or loopholes, and to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Resolving disputes through mediation

Family conflicts can be emotional and strongly personal, with each party desiring to gain as much as possible at the expense of the other. These disputes, when they reach the court, may take a long time and cost both sides a lot of money, and the result is not necessarily satisfactory. However, even these situations can and should be resolved without anger and with minimal damage.

A year after the passing of the “Family Cases Litigation Arrangement Law“, the law that requires a mediation attempt before filing a claim between spouses, there was a decrease of about 60% in the number of divorce claims in Israel. This figure was not recorded due to a decrease in the divorce rate, but due to the great success of the mediation procedures in front of the legal claims in this area, which are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and with the consent of both parties.

A mediation process carried out with the help of an experienced attorney, skillful in conflict resolution, can help family members reach an agreement that will satisfy all parties, while preventing a long and exhausting legal battle.

A lawyer’s assistance at court

Despite the positive attempt to solve the problem through mediation, sometimes these procedures fail and then there is no choice but to file a claim at family court. In such a case, it is important to use a lawyer committed to their duty and to their clients, who will continue with them throughout legal process, seeking the best possible result.

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We provide our clients with legal assistance in all areas of family law, including drafting contracts and mediation, as well as accompanying lawyers to the Family Court and the Rabbinical Court. Adv. Anat Levi’s deep connection to the field of family law, and the humane approach, usually results in conflict solutions in consensual ways with the aim of saving families and saving the pain and sorrow that accompany separation or family conflict.

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